Dictates of FROST



Knowledge is the key to everything, betterment of yourself, your environment, your fellow man.

Knowledge can affect anything and everything.  One never knows it all, but can know enough.



Adventure, seek out lost knowledge, improve yourself and use that improvement to affect your surroundings in a positive and nurturing way. 

If the crops are dry, learn how to get water.  If the people are hungry learn how to feed them.   Once you have learned such things- Share that knowledge so that others may learn.  Be content with the knowledge that some things are not meant to be learned until one has proven themselves worthy of that knowledge.

If you are bored, or feel life is stale- ADVENTURE.   Explore the world around you for when you do this you begin to understand.   You will learn how to discern whom to teach and whom to turn away and not allow the knowledge to them.

You will stumble, you will bleed, you will even know sorrow and death in your adventure, and this is to be and shall bring you closer to understanding.  Live life to its fullest and treasure that which is love and friendship.

Temper your knowledge and power with kindness and compassion.  Direct yourself to protect those that cannot protect themselves.  Help those that need help, without looking down or degrading.  Protect the innocent and the pureness of life.

ALWAYS and ALWAYS keep your senses sharp for those who seek to spoil these planes with darkness and wickedness.  Be them Demon or Devil they shall be shown no mercy, no compassion, no quarter.

They seek darkness, and then give them that which they seek- for in their destruction they shall find darkness.

They shall be destroyed on site, if you cannot destroy them ADVENTURE and find that which can.

To allow evil and darkness into your heart and/or into your surrounding is to turn away from me and all that dwell in the light.

Evil only succeeds when good men do nothing.   Stand up fight for the light, to sit idle and do nothing is to allow darkness to spread.     Temper that with knowledge and one shall know when and where to strike without throwing one’s life away in a futile attempt.


Favorite Weapon- Staff

Symbol= Iceberg w/ executioners Mace inset

Domains= Magic, Cold, Knowledge, Good, Adventure, Force

Must be good aligned.





Elven male with pure white robes, staff of cyclonic snow.  Left eye/cheek scarred (burn), high hard boots  with Iceberg symblidge on Shin guard, large gemmed Mantle and belt.  Golden Circlet headpiece.


It is rumored and whispered that Frost was part of a force that killed an evil god.  He is also known to have used Fate to unbind Asmodeous of his Ruby Rod and possess’ parts of its power and knowledge to this day.

In his mortal life Frost mastered the study of Magic and has since directed his knowledge to those of Epic and Salient proportions

Was the chosen of 2 of the Gods of Magic ( Mystra and Azuth)

Has been touched by Tyr, and championed his cause on the nexus plane

Frost is also a Fate marked being and still posses the Fickle power of Fate

Frost is the master of Cold/Ice  as well as Magic Missle spell  (  Frost mage and Force Missle mage  Prestige classes) 


Domain ability- my priests at 1 st lvl can use their domain spell slot to cast any arcane spell appropriate to their lvl.  IE  5th lvl Cleric  could cast Fireball

Any cold/force spell is cast as +1 lvl and DC is +1 as well

Energy resistance(cold)  1st lvl = 5  increases to 10 @ 8th and 20 @ 15th.

All priests gain knowledge (any)as a class skill,  they receive a sacred bonus of +1 to planes and any thing involving evil outsiders.

Frostfell at 8th level and above  with it area of affect based off their level—ie: 1 mile per level above 8th.   So a lvl 10 would have a 2 mile radius





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